Friday, October 4, 2013

Oct 3rd - Day at Home

Well, most of my day was home - after water aerobics.  I had not done a handout for my genealogy class, so I spent quite a bit of time putting one together so they could have it for their newsletter.  I also did other routine things around the house.

One of my friends dropped by to bring me several bottles of salad dressing.  It seems her hubbie found a great deal and bought a whole lot of Ranch and Italian, but it is about to expires, so she was giving some of it away.  Good deal for me - and I enjoyed chatting with her a bit.

I also managed to squeeze in a nap later in the afternoon.  When Bill got up early for seminary this morning, I couldn't get back to sleep, so my day started early, too.  I finally just ran out of steam!

This evening, I had someone call with a FamilySearch problem and I spent some time working with her.  She is not even in my ward, but I guess she didn't have a family history consultant in her ward.  I will be doing more of this kind of thing anyway, so it was good practice for me.  The good news is we fixed her problem.

So, a rather boring day, but I enjoyed it. 

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