Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oct 23rd - Babysitting

Lisa called this morning and asked if I could babysit the kids all afternoon.  She had a groupon for getting her hair done and since her only piano student for today had to cancel, this would be the perfect time to go.  Fortunately, I had no problem saying, "Yes."

That gave me the morning to get a few things done and then to go visit teach one of my sisters.  We had a fun visit.  Then it was back home to get some lunch before the kiddos showed up. 

She picked Ashby up from school at 1:00 and came straight over here.  The kids were both really excited to get to spend some time at Grandma's house.  They are so into the little cars right now, so they divided them up and they both played cars.  We had one little problem with Brooks destroying Ashby's cars, but a serious discussion, a short time-out, and several reminders took care of that. 

Eventually, the train track was out and set up, the wooden blocks and the flat-bed semi truck were put to good use, and more cars kept Brooks busy.  Ashby played with the cars and read some books.  In the middle of it all, we took a short break and watched a little Netflix - mighty machines, of course.  Then they played some more.  By then, they were ready to run, so they ran around the house being very silly.

As it got towards dinner time, they announced they were hungry, so we got some spaghetti cooking.  Once we got that started, they went outside to run and play for a while.  They were just eating when Lisa got back.  Shortly after that, Grandpa got home.  They went back outside and played with him for a while.

What a fun day!  They really were good.  I do love this grandmother business!

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