Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 23rd - Another Rainy Day!

So, much of the country was getting a late winter storm and we were just having a downpour.  Does that mean I shouldn't complain?  No!  It was dismal and it made me feel like doing absolutely nothing!

I did get a few things accomplished around the house, including four loads of laundry, changing sheets, etc.  I also really got into family history.  I printed out a "problem list", looking for where birth dates of children and parents were not logical.  I ended up with quite a list.  I knew about some of them, but some others had slipped through.  One of the problems with getting information from other people is that it is often wrong.  I try to catch them as I go, but they do get missed.  Like the one where the parents were born two years after the child.  Uh, I think there might be a problem!  Ha!  Getting that list taken care of is going to take some time.

Bill had to go to a youth dance in the evening, and I was still absorbed in my family history stuff.  Actually, it was not a bad day, in spite of the rain!

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