Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 16th - Whirlwind Saturday!!!

Boy, this has been a day - a good one, but busy.

I had to leave the house by 8:00 to pick up another sister so we could attend our stake RS women's conference.  I had to give the opening prayer, so I didn't want to be late!  It was a good conference - talks, classes, lunch, etc.  I was the end of the stake service project that we have been working on for the last several months.  I had five bags of blankets to turn in for our final donation.  They are lap size blankets and will go to senior citizens and to DFACS for foster children.

When I got home, everyone was at the house.  I had the assignment to babysit with Brooks so everyone else could go to the big car show.  They were finishing up some Chinese that they had picked up for lunch and then got Brooks down for his nap.  When Bill, Lisa, David and Ashby all left, and with Brooks asleep, the place was suddenly very quiet!  It didn't take me long to realize that I was really tired, too, so I managed to go in and get a short nap myself.

Not long after I woke up, Brooks also awoke.  It was already 5:30 by then.  He had slept about two hours and was raring to go! Because it was such a beautiful day, I took him out in the backyard.  We got the bubble maker out again and he played for better than an hour.  When he finally tired of being outside, I brought him in and tried to get him to eat.  He decided a bagel would be good, but he only ate a few bites.

After changing his diaper, he was crawling around on the bedroom floor and saw the art table under the bed and wanted to play with that.  So, out came the table and chair and he spent the next two hours or so playing with the chalk and coloring with crayons.  I couldn't believe he would be entertained so long.  For a kid with a short attention span, two hours is unbelievable.  It sure made it easy to take care of him!

Everyone finally got back home, and Lisa and family headed to their place with a couple of  very tired kids.  It was getting pretty late by then.

What a great day this has been.  I didn't get any Saturday chores done at all - but then who really cares?

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