Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 11th - Visiting Teaching Day!

Well, the start of a new week and it looks to be rather busy.  This morning, after the usual straightening, etc., I headed off to do some visiting teaching.  I was able to visit two of my four and had a great time with both.  It is fun to have the sisters you visit also be very good friends.  It certainly gives us a lot to talk about!  And both enjoy discussing the message, too, so there were some very nice moments that we shared.

By the time I finished that, and ran by the library on my way home, it was into the afternoon.  I worked on a few things that were on my desk (which really needs to get cleaned off, by the way!)  Bill got home early, so that always changes the dynamics around the house.  Ha. 

By mid-afternoon, I was getting sleepy.  This time change is such a hard one.  I ended up reading a while and then fell asleep for a pretty good nap.  This evening Bill was on the computer, checking his email, etc., and I was so lazy that I just sat and watched TV for a while.  Yes, I actually watched TV.  Funny thing, though, is that I just sat there watching what was on - never even changed the channel.  So now I know all about pawn shops.

I headed back to bed early, since I wanted to read.  I finished the book I was reading and started one that I picked up at the library today.  It wasn't until quite late that I remembered that I had planned to listen to a genealogy webinar this evening and I totally forgot.  Oh, well.  At least I didn't pay anything.  I hope it gets posted in archives someplace so I can watch it later.

So, this has been a combination of busy and lazy.  Still a good day!

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