Friday, June 1, 2012

May 31st - Prepared to Be Alone for a Few Days

Bill left this morning to go up to New York/New Jersey for his niece's wedding.  He had a rough start, but I guess he made it finally.  He lost his cell phone yesterday and has looked high and low for it.  He kept trying to call the number, but never could hear it ringing anywhere.  That meant he had to start the day by getting a new phone.  Since it is his business phone, he can't just let it go.  He got that all taken care of and everything transferred over.  The big loss is his phone number list.  They can't transfer that when the old phone is missing. 

Then he called a few minutes AFTER the plane should have taken off.  It seems they had boarded and then there was some kind of a problem with the door - wouldn't seal properly or something, I don't know.  They made them deplane and they were waiting until a different plane could be found.  His new phone doesn't have much of a charge, so he only talked a minute.  I never did hear from him later, so I am assuming he finally made it.  He would have called for me to come get him if the flight had been cancelled and no alternative found.  Hope he had a great night at Gail's!

As for me, I went by and picked up the food storage order and got that all sorted and emails sent for people to pick up their things.  The rest of my day was pretty much same a normal.  At least, it seemed normal until evening.  It is always a little hard to shut up the house, turn out the lights, and go to bed alone. 

I finished another book on CD today.  It was called The Beginner's Goodbye by Anne Tyler.  It was a little strange, but I actually liked the book.  Yesterday I finished reading Calico Joe by John Grisham.  It is a baseball book and I liked the story, but got a little bored with the detailed description of baseball.  Of course, the story wouldn't have had the impact without those descriptions, so I read them.  On TV, I finished watching the Land Girls series.  It was OK, but not so good as the other things I have watched lately.  Fortunately, it wasn't that long. 

Well, Bill will be back next Tuesday, so I have a few days to fill.  We will see what the week brings!

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