Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jun 20th - Crafting with Ashby!

Had a busy day today.  I got some laundry and odds and ends done in the morning.  Then Lisa dropped the kids off around noon.  She stayed long enough for us to fix lunch and to get Brooks down for his nap.  Then she left to do some things on her own.

Once it was all quiet, Ashby announced that we needed to go make some crafts - upstairs!  That is where my craft room, such as it is, is located and she was determined.  So, of course, that is exactly what we did!  We pulled two chairs up to the desk and started making "pictures."  She had a ball picking out pretty paper, using the scissors, gluing, drawing, coloring, finding "gorgeous" stickers and other embellishments.  We made about 5 different pictures, which were to give to grandpa and mommy.  She was so animated and excited it and it was a riot making our "crafts" together.

We had finished by the time Brooks woke up and they were playing when Mommy got back.  She stayed just a little while longer, before they headed home for dinner.  We had a very fun day!

Bill had to help drive youth to Stone Mountain for the laser show this evening, and since I was already tired, I just sat and watched several episodes of Bramwell.  Then I finished reading my book, The Night Circus.  It was an interesting book, even though mystical topics are not really my favorite.  The characters and situations were different and it was pretty good.

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