Friday, June 15, 2012

Jun 14th - Mostly Genealogy Day

I am still hobbling around with my knee, so this was a "take it easy" day.  It is better, but I can tell it is going to take some time to completely heal.  My one excursion out was a run to the library - well, make that a limp to the library.  I returned 3 books and picked up one. 

The rest of my day was spent at the computer - with my leg propped up (you know, the E elevate part of treating a knee injury.)  I got through about five of the Swedish documents and picked up some new information, including two more generations back.  I am very excited about it.  I have maybe 15 more documents to study and then I will be finished with what Sister Nilsson has sent.  I also communicated some more with my cousin.  He sent me copies of postcards that my grandfather and his sister sent back to Sweden when they were on their way to the US in 1914.  Way cool!  The Swedish family had saved them and one of the cousins gave them to him when he visited there.

I also spent a good bit of time in the recliner (this was the R rest part of the treatment.)  I am in the middle of watching Bramlett, a British series about a female doctor in Victorian England.  It is quite good and I watched a couple of episodes in the afternoon and another couple in the evening while Bill was out helping someone who is moving into our area. 

By the way, I didn't do any of the I ice part of treatment - just didn't seem necessary.  I considered the C compression, but didn't do that either.  I am thinking it might be good to invest in a knee bandage, but I will see how it is tomorrow.

So - rest and relax.  I must say that is a great way to spend a day! 

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