Monday, June 18, 2012

Jun 17th - Happy Father's Day!

Because it was Father's Day, the bishopric didn't have regular meetings this morning, just a short one before Sacrament Meeting to be sure everything was set, so Bill was home most of the morning.  However, he had to give a talk, so he spent a good bit of his time putting finishing touches on it.  He did a good job, by the way.

We are pretty low key on holiday things, so we didn't do anything special for breakfast.  We don't usually even do much for gifts, but I did get him a Tabernacle Choir CD called Glory and a book.  The book is the story of baseball player Vernon Law and the year his team won the world series.  I don't remember the team or the year, but Bill was really excited about the book, as I figured he would be, and he remembered that world series.  Now he has a beach read for our Florida vacation next month.

After church, we came home to change and then to head over to Joyce's for a family get together.  To our surprise, Richard and Angie, some good friends, were sitting in our driveway when we got home.  They had been out taking a ride on their motorcycle and stopped by.  We invited them in for a few minutes and had a great time chatting with them.  Angie joined the church a year ago.  I spoke at her baptism and was her first visiting teacher.  When they married last fall, they moved into another house that was just far enough away to be in the other ward.  She was really excited because she got the final signature on her temple recommend and will be going to the temple for the first time in the next week or two.  They wanted to be sure that we knew and to invite us to attend with them.  We are very excited about that.

After they left, we went on to Joyce's.  Everyone in the Atlanta family was there, except for David S, who is out of town.  We had not all gotten together since Christmas, so it was nice to see everyone.  Lisa and David and kids got there after we did, since they had to wait for Brooks to finish a nap (he would have been unbearable otherwise!)  Ashby was so excited and she and Lizzie played all evening and had so much fun.  Brooks loved that Aunt Joyce has a sunken living room, so you have to go up and down a couple of steps.  He was up and down those steps a hundred times!  Not to mention his exploration of the rest of the house and the entire back yard.

It was a very nice Father's Day!

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