Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25th - FHE

We had our Empty Nesters Family Home Evening tonight and had a great time.  We had about 16 people there which is a great attendance.  Bridget, who is the force who keeps us going, also teaches seminary, so she enlisted the group to help prepare some candy wrappers for her class.  Each wrapper had a scripture mastery with the key words printed on it.  We cut them out, and glued them around mini chocolate bars.  It was fun, because we all got to keep talking while we worked.  She is now set for seminary and will also send one set of the candy bars to Kyle, who is just leaving on his mission, although we decided to wait until a little later when it has cooled down a little.  He doesn't need a box full of melted chocolate!

The rest of my day was so-so.  I straightened up the house, ran by the library, and also dropped off the soup order.  I worked on family history a little bit, but mostly I must have been lazy, because I can't really account for having accomplished much.  I was busy all day, though!

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