Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 2nd - Saturday Alone!

Well, the wedding is today and Bill should be having a great time - at least I hope he is!  There was a breakfast this morning, the wedding in the afternoon, and the reception in the evening.  Saw a couple of pictures posted on FB and looked like it was a grand time.

As for me, I was busy here at home.  I did some of my usual Saturday chores - straightening, vacuuming, planning Sunday dinner, etc.  I also worked an hour or so on my water storage supply.  It was time to empty and refill the old containers.  I used a lot of the old water for watering my plants, etc., but there was still more water than I needed.  Now they are all full of fresh water and dated and neatly back on the shelves.  I also inventoried it to make sure I had the proper amount stored.  Everything looks good.  I still have the water barrel that is not filled.  I am not sure how to convince Bill that it is important!  Even without it, I have the minimum suggested amount stored.  I just think the minimum is not really enough!

It was such a cool, beautiful day today that I wanted to be outside a little, too.  So I took a little time and deadheaded a bunch of the flowers.  Hopefully, that will encourage them to keep blooming.  I also trimmed a few other plants that were in need of it.  That was just about enough outside work for me!  I love flowers and a beautiful garden, but it is not something I like to do.

I did a bunch of stuff at the computer, too.  I took my lunch and dinner breaks and watched Little Dorritt, my latest Netflix choice.  It is the old Dickens story and is just as one would expect - dark, dreary, debtors prison, and full of unbelievable coincidences.  I have never read the book and, while I will watch the rest of the series, I will certainly not bother reading it.

I did finish my latest book - stayed up until midnight to do so.  It was Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson.  I had reserved the book from the library based on a recommendation from someplace, Goodreads maybe?  Anyway, I didn't realize it was the story of the young Mormon mother who was burned over 80% of her body in a plane crash.  I had heard of her before and have seen a video of her, but didn't realize this was her story.  It was quite good - a lot about hope and the power of family to help us heal.  Well worth reading.

And thus I had my very busy day all alone!

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