Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 23rd - Busy Saturday

I decided that I had not really cleaned the house in a while, so it was time.  In the middle of working so hard, I got a reprieve.  Yeah!  Lisa and the kids were on the way to the mall to play and did I want to come.  Well, there is only one answer to that question!

We met up at the wall and the kids played in the playground for quite a while.  Ashby was in some world of performing, I think.  She was twirling and smiling and bowing and making sure the sun hit her like a spotlight.  I do think she is smitten with the stage.  She even told Lisa that she was really missing ballet on the stage.

Brooks, on the other hand, was consumed with the train.  Every time it came by, he went wild, pointing and signing and waving.  In between train appearances, he was at a full run around the play area.

After they tired of playing, we headed to the food court for chicken and rice for lunch.  We stopped at the little cars on our way back and they both played in them for a while.  Ashby was particularly fascinated with the ice cream truck and kept taking orders and fixing us our ice cream cones.  Brooks was still fascinated with the train and went through the same routine every time it came by.

Then it was nap time and every one headed home.  That meant I had to finish cleaning, which I did.  I spent some time on the computer, as well.   It turned out to be a pretty productive day - but to tell the truth I like the quiet ones when I do what I "want" to do, not what I "need" to do.  Even so, I always love a clean house!

One sad note - I didn't make the connection to the two little boys that were killed on Lake Lanier last week to people I knew.  I knew the family were members of the church in Sugar Hill.  I did not realize that they are the grandsons of Gary and Kay Hansen.  Gary was our home teacher back in the 80's when we all lived in Roswell.  His children were all young in those days and I haven't kept up with them as they have grown, so I did not know that one of their daughters had married a Prince.  I do know another daughter, Channy, but just hadn't made the connection.  My heart has been heavy over the whole incident and now it is even heavier.  

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