Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 8th - Church service & genealogy

We had our first RS presidency meeting in over a month!  Melanie has been recovering from surgery and we have been limping along as best we could until she was ready to take charge again.  Well, today we finally met to try to get all of us back on track.  We have a number of things that we need to work on and it was great to be able to be together to begin to address some of the issues.  Needless to say, we had a good meeting. 

In the afternoon, I worked on my new Swedish documents and got through several of them.  I can see the name I want in each document - it helps that she told what each document was about when she sent them.  Even so, I am having to figure out what all the information is.  I discovered the Google translator and that has helped me figure out some of the headings.  I was able to read all of my grandfather's birth document.  I also found a couple of families in household enumerations.  The most interesting was that she found a birth certificate for a sister of my grandfather that I did not know about.  She was the first born and died before age two of scarlet fever.  I have both the birth and death documents and she is clearly a child of the same parents.  I thought there were nine children - turns out there were 10!  All the others have been sealed to the parents and I didn't even know this one existed.  I am anxious to get her name prepared to take to the temple so the family can be complete.

So, I guess that about filled my day - church service and genealogy.  A good way to spend a day!

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