Monday, June 11, 2012

June 10th - Sunday Roundup

Another great Sunday - repeat, repeat, repeat!  The young man leaving on a mission, who went to the temple for the first time yesterday, was one of the speakers.  He leaves shortly to begin serving in the Nevada Reno Mission, a brand new mission.  He did a good job.

The rest of the meetings were also good.  I was particularly happy to have found a substitute to teach in RS.  It took a lot of requests before someone accepted.  I have a little trouble understanding that - other than those that were out of town, of course! 

Got home to find the kids here, as usual.  Brooks had just awakened and was not happy.  He was still tired and hungry.  He eventually calmed down once they fed him, but he was touchy the whole time.  He still laughs a lot!  Ashby was excited to find some new toys and books on the table when they got here.  I had purchased a couple of close out Disney things and she was thrilled.  Plus, two more of the Dr Seuss bookclub books had come this week. 

Bill got home just long enough to eat and then had to leave again for the youth fireside.  Meanwhile, the kids took a bath and played there for a long time, before putting on their jammies.  They left a little earlier than usual since Brooks was so tired.  He was probably in bed not long after they got home!

I had a chance to check emails, etc., after they left.  I was just getting ready for bed when Bill got back.  He said the fireside went well and was well attended.  It was on modesty and the parents had been invited as well.  They played part of a presentation from John Bytheway.  The problem, of course, is that those who are the problem don't see themselves as being a problem.  But you have to keep reminding everyone or it gets out of control!

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