Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jun 15th - Goodbye, Judith!

My friend Judith passed away Wednesday night.  She has been in Our Ladies Perpetual Care hospice in Atlanta since November.  I have tried to get down to visit her about once a month.  I did some of her family history for you, because she wanted it so badly.  I got the message on Thursday morning of her death.  The funeral was held today, so there was very little notice.  I am glad I checked the obituaries in the paper this morning, or I would have missed it.

I first met Judith when she started working for Genex..  I started at Genex about 1993, and she started probably sometime during my first year there.  She became a good friend.  I trained her in the job and eventually, she became the person who knew the most about workers comp and state fee schedules.  We worked together again the last few years at Medicorp. 

She was famous for her cooking.  She loved to bring food to the office - including her angel biscuits with bacon or sausage, cookies, birthday cakes for every birthday, and tons of other stuff.  One of our favorites was her almond pound cake.  It was the cake I always wanted for my birthday!  I am planning to make one this weekend in her memory.  She was generous in sharing the recipe years ago.  It never quite has her touch, but it is my best effort.

Judith had some hard times in her life, but she still always had a smile and a warm hug.  My life has been better because I knew her.  I will miss her.  Goodbye, Judith!

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