Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7th - One Month to Go!

I know that we shouldn't look so much to what is happening in the future that we miss the joys of today.  However, it is one month from today that we will begin our two weeks in St. Augustine and I just can't help looking forward!  Every year, as we drive away, we always say, "Just 50 more weeks until we go to Florida."  Now I can say, "Just one more month until we go to Florida!"  Hurrah!

I am still enjoying the joys of today, though.  Lisa called and I met her and the kids at the mall for a couple of hours.  They love the play area.  Brooks is now getting around so well that he just takes off - always running - and laughs the whole time.  At one point, he was running around one of the climbing toys and laughing out loud every time he came by us.  He just kept going round and round like he was on a carousel.  So funny! Later we walked to the food court for lunch and finished with a ride on the real carousel.  It was all very fun

At home, it was laundry day - 5 loads!  I had waited until Bill got home since he would be bringing all of his dirty clothes from the trip.  It took me all day - what with the interruption to go the mall and all!  Besides that, I was at the computer most of the rest of my time.  I worked a lot on genealogy on the Person (the Swedish) line.  My roommate Joyce, who is on a mission in Sweden right now, has made a contact with someone who knows a lot about Swedish genealogy.  I am making sure my information is as up to date as possible and will then send her a copy of the pedigree to see if she has any suggestions on how to verify everything. 

I finished a book, too.  It was I Am Forbidden and it was pretty good.  It is about an orthodox Jewish family from the time of WWII to the present.  During my meal breaks, I finished watching the movie Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  I had read the book a couple of years ago and liked it.  It had some historical problems, but I still had liked the look at 19th century China and the life-long friendship between the two women.  The movie was awful.  I have said before that one must not judge a book by its movie and that is true here.

So I have enjoyed today while I look forward to the future!  I think that makes it a great day!!!

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