Monday, June 25, 2012

June 23 - Love Sundays!

This has been another great Sunday - my favorite day of the week! 

As I walked in the door at church, Bill was waiting for me.  It seems they needed a music director again.  So, guess who got drafted?  The talks were good.  Sunday School was good.  The Relief Society lesson was good.  I enjoyed talking to my friends and I was especially excited because a new teacher was called, so I am now fully staffed with teachers again. 

When I got home, Lisa and the kids were there, but David had some visits after church so he came later.  We finished up dinner preps and as soon as David got there, we sent him out to start the grill.  Our menu today was cedar plank salmon, yams, grilled zucchini, crook neck squash and onions, homemade bread (well, bread machine), and an almond pound cake.  The cake was in memory of Judith, as she is the one who gave me the recipe and it is both Lisa's and my favorite cake!  Bill managed to get home as we were finishing up.

Once everyone was finished with dinner, the kids were anxious to get out into the backyard.  They put on their swimsuits and played in the little pool.  Ashby had all the Barbies in with her and Brooks was playing with the running water from the hose.  We hadn't been out too long when Ethan from next door came bounding out his back door and ran to the fence with the biggest grin.  It seems that he had been watching for some time to see if Ashby was going to come out, so he could play.  He and Eric came on over, as well as Chad, their dad.  They all played for a while and had such a good time. 

I had a friend stop by to drop off a food order and she had a piece of pound cake and sat with us for a while.  It was fun to chat with her and she enjoyed seeing the kids having such a good time.

Once everyone had left, the kids stripped down and headed to the bathtub, where they played some more.  They do love water!  Then it was time for them to go home.  It was another very enjoyable Sunday!

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