Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4th - Genealogy Day

The day started off cloudy and dreary, with rain every so often.  You know, the kind of day when you just want to curl up in bed with a book!  I didn't do that - instead I dove into working on genealogy.  I have been doing so many other things lately and haven't spent much time doing what I really enjoy more - genealogy!  So, today was the day.

I worked on a number of different things, but my focus was on the Swedish line.  I have some information on that grandfather's line, but none of it is documented.  Much of it came from distant family in Sweden which my mother was able to get.  However, I still want to document to make sure it is correct.  I have decided that doing research in Sweden may be over my head!  I didn't really make any significant headway.  Oh, well.  I will keep trying and at some point I will figure it out.

I have put my Bacon-Wesco book to the side for the moment.  I am still not happy with the Ancestry.com book, so I am still deciding just how I want to do it.  Besides, I want to add the 1940 census to the information.  I have been doing mostly the Iowa census when indexing and, according to Familysearch, it is about complete.  Hopefully, within a few days or weeks at the most, it will be accessible. 

In between the genealogy stuff, I did most of my usual things around the house, so it wasn't a completely worthless day! 

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