Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 11th - Balancing the Books - Ugh!

I only balance the business books a couple of times a year.  Bill keeps up with the checkbook online with the bank every few days, so we know there aren't any problems.  However, I do have to put it all into QuickBooks and do a reconcile periodically.  We need it correct when it comes time for taxes every year.  Today when Bill checked online, he said he couldn't get it to match.  That meant I had to work on it.  UGH!  I will have to finish tomorrow, but I got three months reconciled - just two to go.  The question that came to mind, though, is why is it that he is so accurate in keeping things recorded, except for one error made right after I balanced it the last time?  I did it in March and on the very next entry, he failed to subtract the check he wrote.  I haven't found any errors since.  I guess that is one of those "Murphy Laws" things.

Besides spending all that time on the books, I also got through five loads of laundry, straightening the house again after the wild weekend with the kids, a little indexing, and some other things.  I got an email back from my cousin about little Selma.  When he got my email, he dug through his Sweden box and found a note about her, but he had never added her to his family group record.  So she has been found and his note confirms that the information is correct.  He had asked a bunch of other questions, so it took me a while to respond to him.  That was all the time I had to work on the genealogy.  Maybe tomorrow!

I finished another book, Blue Asylum by Kathy Hepinstall.  Interesting - Civil War era, insane asylum, tropical island, not really insane or what is insane, early days of treatment for mental illness seems almost inhumane, etc.  It was pretty good - not great.

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