Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 1st - Temple Trip

One of the sisters I visit teach is a young single.  As a teenager, she went through a rebellious stage (so what else is new, right?) and married someone that was not the best choice.  After realizing where she was heading, she decided to turn her life around.  After her divorce, she came back to stay with her parents and to get her life back on track.  Since then, she has been doing so well. 

About a month or so ago, she got her partriarchal blessing.  She has been called to teach in Primary.  She is looking into getting into graduate school.  She has found a full time job in her field.  She and her sister just moved into their own place. 

Tonight was the crowning jewel!  She went to the temple for the first time.  I was one of the members who went to show her our support and love.  It was a wonderful experience.  There is always a peaceful, joyful feeling in the temple and to share that excitement with someone going for the first time, just makes it so much more so.

Thanks for letting me share this great event with you, Kristi!

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