Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 26th - Quiet Day Didn't Last!

My day started off quiet and normal.  I had the second load of laundry in the washer when Lisa called and said they were going to Chili's for lunch.  She had two coupons for free lunch for the kids with an adult.  Needless to say, I dropped everything and met up with them there.

Ashby and Brooks already had their big bowls of mac and cheese and were having a ball.  It turned out Ashby ate maybe half her bowl and some of the fried apples, which was actually a pretty good lunch for her.  Brooks, on the other hand, emptied his bowl and wanted more.  He then proceeded to finish everything that Ashby had left.  He can sure pack it away - glad their meals were free! 

When we had finished with lunch, it was decided to come over to grandma's house for Brooks nap.  He went right down to sleep and Ashby made a fort with the couch cushions and a blanket and was lost in some world of her own.  Lisa decided to take advantage of a couple of hours on her own and took off.  We had a great afternoon.  Brooks slept for over two hours and woke up happy and playful, as usual. 

So my quiet day turned into a fun and busy day!  The kids are so cute and they just make me laugh!

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