Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8th - Loving the Swedish genealogy!

So I sent my pedigree chart and a family group sheet to the sister in Sweden that Joyce had met.  In return, I received copies of nine documents of my family history.  Wow!  She says she will have more to send.  She has access to the Swedish records online for free and is downloading the appropriate pages and emailing them to me.  I can then download them and study them on line and/or print them out for my records.  I am very excited!  I have printed out the documents and will be working on them a little at a time.  After all, I still don't read Swedish, so it takes a lot of effort to understand each document.  I will probably do most of the studying of the documents online, since I can zoom in and see everything better.  Anyway, this is an exciting happening for me!

Besides the family history things, I didn't do much around the house.  I did do my usual computer related things, including a little indexing, blogging, etc.  I also took breaks at mealtimes and watched a movie called Sarah's Key.  It was really good - about the French Jews who were rounded up and shipped off to camps.  One little girl hid her brother in a secret closet, promising to return to get him as soon as she could.  She didn't understand what was really happening and by the time she was able to return, the child had died.  It was told as a flashback story and I thought it was quite well done.

I am hoping that I will find some time to start working on my new documents tomorrow!  We shall see.

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