Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 12th - Finished the Books and More Genealogy

Top priority of the day was to finish the business books.  Got them done - not without some problems - and everything is now in balance.  Of course, the problem was "user error" and it is no wonder he couldn't figure it out.  I will worry about it all again in a few months!

I spent a good bit of time on the Swedish genealogy.  I got a nice email back from my cousin and I was looking up some things in response to his questions.  It is fun to do genealogy, but it is even more fun when there is someone else who cares about it, too!

I had planned to go to book group tonight, but when I got ready to leave, the car wouldn't start.  Bill spent the next while working on it.  The battery just needs to be replaced, so it isn't anything major - just a nuisance!  The downer is that when I was getting out of the car, my shoe caught on the crack in the driveway cement and wrenched my knee.  It took a bit before I could even stand on it.  I then limped in to tell Bill about the car.  I will probably be limping for a few days until it heals.  Darn!

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