Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 29th - Another Saturday!

With the holiday week getting everything so messed up, it was fun to have a second Saturday!  I should have cleaned house, but all I really did was some laundry and family history.  I seem to be getting lazier every week!

Late morning, we headed out to the cemetery to put the Christmas greenery on Jason's grave.  It looks nice, although I think I should have added a red bow. 

When we finished at the cemetery, we went to the Duluth Diner for some lunch.  It is always a great place to go. We made a couple of shopping stops on the way home - Bill needed to get a new sprayer for a job this week.  We had tried Hobby Lobby yesterday and Joanne's today.  No luck.  So we finally gave up and went over near the mall to Michael's.  That is where he usually buys them, but had hoped to avoid mall traffic.  As it turned out, it wasn't bad.  And he was able to get what he needed.

Bill went out and mowed up the leaves on the lawn, so that looks good now.  Meanwhile, I was back doing the family history stuff and finishing the laundry.

And that was pretty much our day!

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