Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 15th - Saturday is Chore Day and a Little More!

There was a Relief Society Super Saturday today, but I chose not to go.  I am no longer into crafts that much.  They did have a humanitarian project going also, but I guess I was just lazy!  Of course, I didn't just lay around at home, so maybe I wasn't really lazy.

Among other things:  3 loads of laundry, clean the refrigerator, plan Sunday dinner, attend tithing settlement, work on my family history lesson, work on the Relief Society lesson that I have to sub for, cleaned out my emails, answered some family history emails that were a bit overdue, etc..........  I never get a nap!

Bill was home today, too.  I like it when he actually takes a day off from work.  We went over to tithing settlement together and then ran a chore on the way home.  He also took off to do a few other chores, including picking up some things at the grocery store that I didn't get yesterday.  (I buy what he need - he buys the "good stuff.")  He also picked up some wood, so we can have a fire.  This morning was the coldest we have had so far, 27 degrees. 

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