Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 25th - Art Class Make Up Day

Since we didn't do art class last week, we made it up today.  Our project was tissue art and glue and we made a picture of a cornucopia with fruit.  They turned out really nice.  Next week we will outline the figures in black crayon so they will pop out, but we can't do that with wet tissue paper!

When they finished the project, the girls rushed to the Barbie box and were totally immersed in playing when Lisa and Brooks got back.  They had been to the Dollar Store to get things for the Joy school activities next week.  They will be celebrating Brooks' birthday and studying about dinosaurs.  He couldn't wait to show me all the dinosaurs they bought!

I spent the rest of my afternoon working on family history.  I had another friend, who now lives in Utah, ask for some help.  She saw on FaceBook that I had helped someone else the day before, so wondered if I could look at her problem, too.  Hers is a lot more complicated, but I love trying to find the answers.  I found some things, but not enough to really get through the brick wall, so I will try some more tomorrow.  I have not exhausted my possibilities yet!

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