Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17th - Monday, Monday, Monday - What Else Can I Say?

Mondays are always a catch-up day - after the weekend, starting the week, etc.  Today was just the usual Monday.  And it was raining, so that just added to that dreary feeling.  I did the usual routine stuff, getting the house in order, etc.  I worked on my next lesson for the family history class and am now prepared with that.  Plus, several other odds and ends.

We were supposed to go to Empty Nesters this evening, so I made a plate of deviled eggs to take.  It turned out Bill's job was bigger than expected, so he didn't get home until 8:00.  Needless to say, I now have a lot of deviled eggs to eat!

I also ran out in the afternoon to Staples.  I had my bonus coupons, worth a total of $40, that expire in December, so I picked up mostly art stuff for our art class.  It was kind of fun to spend $55 and only have to pay $15! 

So my dreary Monday actually turned out to be a rather fruitful day!  Who knew!!

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