Friday, November 7, 2014

November 6th - Art Class Day

I got started this morning by stripping the sheets on both beds and getting them in the washing machine.  I also had several other loads of laundry to tackle through the day.  We have friends coming to visit for the weekend and I am trying to get things at least reasonably clean.  I even picked up all the toys in the guest room so it isn't quite such a mess.

The girls arrived for their art class.  I got a text from Lisa shortly before they arrived saying that they were not being rude, but the girls insisted that they didn't need any adults walking them to the door - they were big enough to do it by themselves.  They grow up too fast!!!

Our project today was "Fall Reflections."  We folded art paper in half and painted on the top half only.  Then we would fold it over and let the paint make a print on the bottom half.  We ended up with pictures that look like trees that are reflected in a lake.  It was a lot of fun and they turned out really nice.  The technique was an introduction to printing - this was mono-printing, since we printed one color or area at a time.

They stayed and had lunch here and around 2:00, Lisa came and picked up them.  Brooks was sleeping in the car, so they didn't come in.  Then I did a few more things with the laundry and the house.  Plus, I have to take a dinner tomorrow and I got that figured out. 

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