Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 11th - Veterans Day!

Veterans Day was such a big deal when I was a kid.  I am glad that it seems to be getting more recognition the last few years.  I am certainly grateful for all who have served, including my husband, my uncle, my grandfather, my brother, and many others in the family. 

Today was another stay-at-home day for me, but I did keep busy.  I had one of the women from church come over to get a little help with family history.  Our youth went to the temple this evening and her daughter was going for the first time.  She had gotten permission to take the names of her husband's two grandmothers, but needed to get the cards prepared.  We managed to get it done for her and she was able to go to the temple with her daughter to see her get baptized for two of her great-grandmothers.  Very nice.

I also spent a good bit of my time working on some of the presentations I have coming up.  The biggest one is not until May, but it will be at a Family History Fair and people will expect me to know what I am talking about, plus I will need to have a good power point to go with it.  It is on Finding Your Female Ancestors.  I am still in the research stage, although I have a lot of good information now that I need to study in depth. 

Bill went with the youth to the temple this evening, so I relaxed, had some popcorn, and watched the rest of Bleak House.  Now I will have to find another program to watch. 

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