Monday, November 17, 2014

November 16th - Taught Two Classes Today!

Another great Sunday.  We had our usual quiet Sunday morning, finishing up lessons and relaxing.  I had to work on two lessons, as I substituted in Relief Society, as well as teaching the family history class.  Both went well.  The RS lesson was on prayer and it was easy to get the sisters to do most of the talking.  I tried to focus on slightly different things that normal and it went well.  I think there was a nice spirit there.

Ashby has caught the virus that Brooks had and she is much sicker than he was.  As a result, they didn't come over for dinner.  I had already thawed a salmon, so we went ahead and cooked it - with 3/4 of it left over!  As it turned out, Brooks was climbing the walls after being house-bound for several days, so Lisa and Brooks came over for a while.  It gave Ashby a chance to rest without him bothering her.  It also gave her Daddy's undivided attention.  Brooks wanted to play with Grandpa, so they played with the train set most of the time.  We also made some rice krispie treats, which are his favorite! 

We missed having them all here for dinner, but it was nice to have Lisa and Brooks for a little while anyway.  We sent home some of the left over salmon with her.  At least I won't be throwing so much away.  It is always a day-brightener to have Brooks around - he is such a hoot and keeps us laughing!

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