Monday, November 24, 2014

November 23rd - Love My Sundays!

Today was another wonderful Sunday.  We spent the morning working on lessons, studying, etc.  I also put together everything for dinner.  Since I made a meatloaf, it took a little while, but everything was ready to put in the oven the minute I walked in the door.

My lesson went well.  We talked about submitting the names to the temple and covered a lot of good, basic information. 

The kids had just arrived at the house when we got home, so I quickly got things in the oven.  The meat loaf took longer than I had expected, though, so we ate a little later than usual.  It wasn't that big a deal, but I will try to remember to do meatloaf in even smaller pans next time.

We rented the movie Home Alone and the kids, especially Ashby, got a kick out of it.  She is just about the right age to enjoy all the shenanigans of the robbers and how little Kevin is able to outwit them.  We also had a fire going, as it was such a cool and rainy day.  It was very nice.  Lisa and the kids even roasted some marshmallows once the coals had gotten nice and red.

Our home teachers came by while the kids were still here and we had a nice visit, although a little shorter than usual!  We had little ones running through now and then trying to get attention.  It was really very funny.

It has been a great Sunday - I do love a day like this, even with all that rain!

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