Friday, November 14, 2014

November 13th - Art Class

Lisa dropped Ashby and Brooks off.  Abby was sick and couldn't come today.  Brooks has been sick, so she kept him out of joy school today.  She had some errands to run, so the kids stayed here for a few hours.  We had a very fun time!

We did Ashby's art class.  Brooks played with his train and then drew some pictures while Ashby worked on her project.  We did paper weaving today.  She made a Navajo "blanket" and it turned out really cute.  Weaving is one of the skills that first graders are supposed to learn and I am trying to make sure we cover all the criteria.
Ashby chose the sun from the Indian symbols to draw on the center of her blanket.  She is so cute in the picture, as she lost the second front tooth and now is toothless!

When Lisa got back, we had a chance to sit and talk a while.  We have been so busy lately that it had been a while since we just talked, so we both enjoyed it.  The kids were both so good and didn't want to leave yet.  That is always best - leave just before they begin to get bored!  After all, we want them to come back!!

I spent the rest of the afternoon, what was left of it, working on some family history stuff.  I got the pedigree chart and family group sheet ready for the person who had inquired and got it sent to her.  I have some more presentations coming up over the next few months, too, so I did a little work on that.

Bill picked up a pizza on his way home tonight, so that was our dinner.  I had hardly eaten all day, so it was really good! 

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