Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 8th - Such a Fun Day!

We all slept in this morning.  Once everyone was up and showered and had eaten something for breakfast, we drove up to Helen.  Jack had never really seen anything in Georgia.  Connie was with the roomies when we were in Helen a few years ago.  We got up there in time to have lunch at our favorite spot.  We ate outside, although it was a little cool.  You just can't beat sitting on the patio next to the river, though, and I was not cold at all. 

We then walked the street for a while.  The day was so beautiful that it was just fun.  The place was pretty busy, with quite a lot of cars, but it was not so crowded that it took away the fun.  Jack bought himself a new Swiss Army knife.  We bought some candy at the candy store (no surprise there!)  We enjoyed walking through several of the shops, just window shopping.  The guys really had fun in the wooden toy store.  The last store we went to was the one with the miniature music boxes.  Connie wanted to get several for Christmas gifts for granddaughters.  She had gotten several when we were here last time, so this was for some of the others.

Our last stop was at the funnel cake store.  Bill and Jack had ice cream, from the same store, while Connie and I pigged out on the funnel cakes.  Then we went back to the car and started the nightmare of getting out of Helen with all the traffic.  We managed to find some side streets that helped, but we still had to get back in the line of traffic to get across the bridge. 

From there, we headed over to Tallulah Gorge, which is on about a half hour drive.  We were getting late into the afternoon, but still had a couple hours of light, so we had time to walk down the path a little and enjoy the spectacular view.  Bill and Jack even decided to climb down the 620 steps to the suspension bridge.  Actually, it turns out that it is 620 to go down and back up.  Even so, they could feel the legs burning by the time they got back up to the top!

It was dark by the time we got home, so we just ordered in some Chinese and had a wonderful dinner at home.  It was cool enough that we started a fire and enjoyed that, too. 

What a great day!

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