Saturday, April 19, 2014

April 18 - Brunch and Beach - Day 7 San Diego

Today was the last day of our week with friends and it was a little more relaxed than the rest of the week.  We are all getting a little older (what?!) and are moving a little slower.  Even so, it was a great day.

We started with brunch at the 101 Cafe, a cafe on Hwy 101 that has been there for decades (like since the 30's) and serves breakfast all day.  It was very good.  Then we drove on down 101 for a ways to enjoy the beach views.  We stopped at one place and enjoyed watching the water, some walked on the beach, for quite a while.  We saw a baby elephant sea lion stranded on the beach, but it finally made it back into the ocean and joined up with its mother.

From there, we drove back to the condos, rested a little, then went out to see the movie, "Heaven Is Real."  It was not bad; at least it had real family values.  After the movie, we had dinner at an Italian place in downtown Oceanside. 

Back in the condo again, we settled up the money, ate some Klondike bars, and finished off our last  night with plenty of laughing.  Our next get-together will probably be in Breckenridge, Colorado, but who knows - plans change!

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