Friday, April 18, 2014

April 17 - Harbor Tour - Day 6 San Diego

We got up and going a little quicker this morning, so we could make it into SD to the harbor to get on the 11:15 boat tour.  It was a two hour tour, one hour the south loop and the second hour the north loop.  It was cloudy and cool, but felt good on the water.  We even opened the window covers so we could enjoy the breeze.  Of course, much of the tour included information about all the military ships in port.  Very interesting.  Beautiful, too.  It is too late for whales, but we saw quite a few sea lions.

We ate lunch - a hot dog - on board, so when the tour finished, we just headed back to the condos.  We all relaxed a little.  Bill and Bill took the van to go over and see Camp Pendleton, which is right by where we are staying.  Four of the group played canasta, while the other two read and relaxed. 

We had originally purchased food for Hawaiian haystacks, and since the week is running out, we fixed that for our dinner today.  They were really easy and tasty, too.  After getting everything cleaned up (doesn't take long with so many helpers), we drove to downtown Oceanside to go to a farmers market or street fair.  I was not excited about it and didn't like it, but it was only a block off the beach, so Bill and I walked down there.  There was the pier, all lit up, and an amphitheater.  We slipped into the seats and just enjoyed the view of the ocean, the beach, and the young kids playing soccer in the amphitheater.  Add in some interesting people watching and I really enjoyed it.  So much better than walking around that fair!

On our way home, we stopped at Baskin Robbins for an ice cream fix, sat and talked for quite a while, and then finally headed back to the condos again.  We enjoyed chatting some more for a couple of hours, before the whole group called a quit to the day - exhausted, as usual!

So another great day in San Diego.  There is only one more day left, before we head back home.  The week is going way too quickly!

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