Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21st - Babysitting Brooks

Well, after a week of fun vacation and a great Easter Sunday, I just about hit the wall today.  I woke up exhausted and I stayed that way most of the day!

However, David dropped Brooks off this morning since Lisa was subbing at Ashby's school today.  There is nothing like an adorable 3 year old to fill a dull day with lots of fun.  He was so good and entertaining that the time flew by until Lisa picked him up around 2:00. 

In between all the activity, I managed to get five loads of laundry done.  That is the other bad thing about a vacation - all the dirty clothes that come home!  I am glad that is all caught up in one day, so maybe tomorrow I can actually begin to get back on a normal schedule.

Once Brooks was gone, I made a run to the library to return some books that were due today.  I returned 5 items and picked up two.  When I got home, I gave in and took a short nap.  I knew I wasn't going to make the rest of the day if I didn't.

This evening, we had Empty Nesters over at the assisted living facility where the Rowberrys are.  We were late, because Bill's job took longer than anticipated and we had agreed to pick up two other people.  We were still glad we went to get to see the Rowberrys and to socialize with our other friends.  It was a very nice evening.

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