Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 5th - First Day of General Conference

I had such a long list of to-do items today that I totally wore myself out!  And then I didn't come close to finishing them all. 

I did get a couple of loads of laundry done, serious cleaning in the kitchen, including mopping the floor, cleaned out the refrigerator which was in bad shape, dusted and vacuumed the main rooms in the house, cleaned the hall bath - and then I ran out of cleaning energy.  Sorry, the office and bedrooms only got a quick straightening!

I did some grocery shopping, which also means carrying it all in and putting it away.  I made an angel food cake for dinner tomorrow.  I got Sunday dinner planned and everything pre-prepped that I could.  I even answered an email about family history.

I watched all three sessions of conference, which was a wonderful way to rest and recoup between my marathon working sessions.  They were all good and full of wonderfully uplifting thoughts and reminders, as well as some very serious warnings about keeping on the strait and narrow.  How easily we can drift. 

Bill had to work today, so he left before I got up and didn't get back home until the priesthood session was almost over.  He got the nasty job finished, though, so that was the good part.  I had recorded the sessions, so I think he watched a little bit before he came on to bed.

I love having a clean house and knowing I got a lot done - I hate being so sore, especially my back.  I can't quite do what I used to do without some aftereffects.  I must admit that in spite of the good feeling of accomplishment, I prefer the days when I get lost all day in family history.  

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