Monday, April 28, 2014

April 27th - Big Change Today

Bill was released from the bishopric today.  When he was called to work with the new bishop a year ago, he was told it would only be for a short while.  Well, that happened today.  It is always with mixed feelings when one gets released from a big calling.  He will miss many things, but is glad to be able to give up many others.  They are not going to let him sit idle, however, as he was immediately called to be the Adviser for the Priests Quorum.  I think the priests were excited, as they already know him and have a great relationship.  It will be interesting to see if he can keep up with all the activities, though.

When the kids came over for dinner, we learned that David had also been released from working with the Cub Scouts and was called to be Ward Mission Leader in their ward.  He is a little overwhelmed, but he will do a good job once he gets a handle on just what he is to be doing.

The rest of our meetings were good.  My class went well, with at least one new student dropping in today.  I had another sister ask if she could start coming, even though it is midway through the class.  Of course, I said she could.  She couldn't do it today, but may start next week.  I also had one of the students, who has to miss a lot of the classes because of her calling, come in before class to share how excited she was that she got DNA results back.  It is great to see so many people starting to get excited about their family history!

We had a fun time with Lisa and family.  The kids wanted to play outside right away and it was a good thing they did since a thunderstorm rolled through a little bit later.  We had roast chicken, carrots, celery, pasta, and homemade (frozen) bread for dinner.  It really turned out good.  And, of course, the kids loved it.  Anything with pasta is a favorite.

Ashby was so cute clearing the table.  I think she was playing waitress and was so polite as she picked up each item and carried it the long way through the house to the kitchen.  Then she helped load the dishwasher and was so proud of how she helped.

They had to leave a little early, since Brooks had not napped and was getting way tired.  It was still a fun time while they were here.

Our hometeacher came shortly after they left and we had a great visit with him.  He told us all about his visit to his family in South Africa that happened a couple of weeks ago.  Very interesting - especially how excited he was to actually see some lions, as they are often hard to spot on the reserve.  It was a fun visit.

So, as usual, Sunday was the best day of the week. 

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