Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 23rd - Finally back to normal

Well, at least as normal as I ever get!

I worked at the Family History Center today and, unfortunately, we did not have any patrons.  I did get to work on my own stuff, though.  It seems like I am not getting as much time on my personal stuff since I am always preparing for something else - a lesson, a presentation, working with another person, etc.  The down side is that I find some things and then need to finish it up when I get home.  I am getting quite a pile of files that need some "finishing up" done on them.  I need to set aside some time one of these days.......

On my way home, I stopped to get my drivers license renewed.  I had not realized that it had expired until I used it to go through airport security.  All they require is a picture ID, so it wasn't a problem, but it is a problem to be driving illegally!  I have dreaded doing the renewal since they now require a handful of paper work - birth certificate, proof of social security, proof of residence, etc.  I had my stack of stuff, hoping it would be adequate.  And it was - thank goodness.  I was amazed that I was only there for 35 minutes.  I had expected a couple of hours wait, but they were quite efficient today.  Now I am good for a few more years.  Hopefully, the next renewal will be by mail.

I got lunch when I got home and watched a little Law & Order while I ate.  I had just gotten onto the computer when Bill got home early.  I was so tired by then, and I had been about to go nap, so that is what I did.  I think he did a nap at the same time in his big chair.  I didn't sleep long, but it was enough to get me through the rest of the day.

He had activity night and bishopric meeting this evening, so I just had some popcorn and watched another episode of Law & Order before working on my family history a little.  Then it was off to read.

It has been a busy day, but at least I am getting back to normal.

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