Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 26th - Saturday - Need I Say More?

I had every intention of doing a deep cleaning today - well, you know about intentions.  I did do a good bit of straightening and a few of the things that needed to be done, but I just didn't feel like spending all that much time on the house.  Thankfully, it is never messy, so that helps!  I did also do one last load of clothes.

I ended up spending most of my day working on my family history.  I read some in the book that I have to give a review on at the Genealogy Study Group in June.  I cleaned off the desk a little, so it isn't quite such a mess.  Then I tackled the files that have been filing up after I am at the Family History Center.  I needed to make sure all information is entered in all the trees and copies made for my permanent files.  I was able to put away one of the four files.  I had thought I would get more than that done, but as soon as I start doing a little, I find more information and it explodes!  I spent most of the time on my grandfather's brother, thinking I just needed to finish entering about four documents that I had found.  Oops!  I found about half a dozen more documents.  Some were very good, too - like marriage records that I didn't have and some additional census records that have been hiding from me.  Oh, well.  I will never run out of family history!!

It was a beautiful day - sunny and warm, but I was still in the house most of the day.  Bill got out in the late afternoon to work on the yard a little.  I had put a plastic laundry basket on the back patio to hold some of the plastic toys, so it looks a little neater when we get things all picked up.  I should have hosed out the inside of the playhouse, as there were some spider webs last week that need to be cleaned out.  But, maybe tomorrow............

So, another week has rolled by - so quickly.  It is hard to believe that we have been back from our trip for a full week now.  I am now looking forward to heading out to Las Vegas for the roomie reunion on  May 5th - just a week away!  Guess it is time to think about what I will be needing to take.

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