Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 2nd - Good Family History Day!

Today was my day for the family history center, so it was completely a family history day - again.  I have really been at it this week.  (And am planning some more for tomorrow!)  I picked up my friend, but there were no other patrons today.  The new center is now all set up and looks good.  It will be even better when they get the lock box and door buzzer moved to the closest door.  As it is now, we have to enter at the back door and walk the full length of the building to the center at the front. 

I helped my friend with her first question, but then spent the rest of the time working on my own things.  I was working on some of the sites that I can't access at home, trying to find out more about my Reuben Wesco problem.  I think I got enough information to be able to send for the correct set of civil war military records.  There were three Reuben Wescos, all in the war, and that makes everything so much more complicated!

After we stopped for some lunch, I dropped her off at home and then came home myself.  I had a few things to do at home - just routine stuff - and then I worked a little more on the family history.  Although it sounds like I have been doing a lot on my own lately, all I have actually done is create more work.  I have a lot of information to get recorded in the right places, etc., and that can take a lot of extra time.  But, I am really trying to keep everything very organized, so it must be done.

Bill had another late night tonight, so I just had a quickie dinner and watched some Law & Order for an hour. 

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