Monday, April 21, 2014

April 20th - Happy Easter!

What a wonderful Easter Sunday this has been. 

Sacrament Meeting was a music and narrative presentation, all done very well.  My class went well.  We were online the whole time working in Family Tree.  I had to play piano for Relief Society and then called in to sub for a few minutes in Primary and then rush back for the closing in RS - Whew!

At home, I quickly changed and then got started on dinner.  Lisa brought over the ham, which needed just the glaze to finish it up.  We had mashed potatoes, corn, jello, olives, rolls, and deviled eggs.  Ashby and David made the eggs from the eggs they had colored yesterday.  She thought it was pretty cool to take the pastry mixer to chop up the egg yolks and then mix in the mayo.

It was such a nice day that the kids were able to play out in the backyard and they had a ball.  I am glad it is getting nice again, as they do enjoy running in the yard, playing with the bat and balls, climbing, etc.

By the time they left, we were getting tired, so I was off to read after just a little straightening.

It has been a wonderful Easter.  I thought of Jason often during the day, which happens whenever I really focus on the Atonement.  What wonderful blessings I have in my life!

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