Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 9th - Family History Day Again - Man, the Weeks Roll By Fast!

Today, I picked up my friend and we went to man the family history center.  We were the only two there today, which is sad, but we both got a lot done.  It is fun!  Of course, it is even more fun when I get to help someone, but.....

Just as we were walking down the hall after locking up, her husband, daughter and granddaughter popped around the corner.  The daughter lives in Illinois, so it was a complete surprise to Jan.  She was so excited.  They will be here the rest of the week, after driving all night to surprise her this morning.  Very cool.

They went off to lunch and I went off to run some errands.  I had some last minute things I needed to get for our trip.  The biggest thing was that I wanted a small carry-on on wheels.  It is getting so hanging a bag from my shoulders causing a little too much pain.  I have to take my CPAP machine on the plane with me, so I needed something that I could just pull.  I am glad to say that I was successful.  It cost more than I would have liked, but not outrageous. 

At home, I had a few things to do that hadn't gotten done yet.  Then I started to work on family history, but realized I was just too tired to keep sitting there.  Instead, I got into the big recliner and watched some TV.  Yes --- TV!  Well, actually, I watched Granite Flats on BYU TV - new episode last Sunday.  And then I watched some Law & Order on Netflix.  Two shows!  Wow, I really was tired.

Bill went this evening to give some blessings.  One of the sisters I visit teach is also one of his home teaching families.  Her father is with them now and was in the hospital last week.  He is back home now, with hospice care, and they wanted blessings.  The father is expected to last a few more weeks at most.  So, it is a hard time for them.

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