Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 29th - A Good Tuesday

I met one of my visiting teaching sisters for lunch today.  She hasn't let us visit for several months, because she had taken her father into her home and he required all her attention.  Having guests was disruptive for him.  He passed away while we were in San Diego, so she was ready for a visit today.  We went where we usually go - Chi-fil-et.  As we arrived, several other members of the ward showed up, too.  It seems that one of them teaches an exercise class and the others attend it and they always hit Chic-fil-et afterwards, so they can chat and the kids can play.

We didn't sit together, though, so Mary and I could visit quietly.  We had a nice talk and enjoyed our couple of hours very much.  Hopefully, they will be back at church on Sunday.  This has been a very difficult couple of years for them. 

The rest of my day was pretty much routine.  In fact, I can't really think of anything all that exciting!  I did get the pasta cooked for the salad I will be taking to the luncheon tomorrow.  I did some family history, mostly reading emails, etc., and reviewing my next lesson.  I did not take a nap!  Good for me - I was busy with little things and just never got around to it.

Bill went home teaching this evening, so I had a quiet evening, too.  I watched a little Law & Order while I ate some leftovers for my dinner.  And then, read a little in bed. 

A good day!

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