Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 4th - Fun Day with Brooks

So, I had an unscheduled day today and had figured I would work on family history all day.  Oops!  Change of plans!  And good changes, too.

Lisa called as they were dropping Ashby off for school to see if I wanted to go to Kohl's with them - it was 20% off coupon day.  I don't have a car today, as Bill had to use it for work while the van is getting checked out at the garage, but she said she could pick me up.  We spent a while at Kohl's.  I bought a new top and a purse.  I then just went around with Brooks so Lisa had some good shopping time without him bugging her.  We finally ended up in the toy department (big surprise!) and he wanted everything he could see.  He had a lot of fun and we were there quite a while.  He picked out a couple of his mighty machines, but I said we needed to pick out something for Ashby, too.  He had some great ideas - "she wants this Thomas the Train," "she would like this truck," etc.  When Lisa finally joined us in toys, she found a fashion design thing that she remembered having when she was little and thought it would be perfect.

By then, it was getting close enough to lunch that we stopped at Del Rio.  From there, it was back to the house.  Brooks wanted to stay and play, so Lisa left him so she could go get Ashby.  He had a ball - first he had to play in the dirt with his new machines.  Then he needed the Thomas the train set up.  He kind of bounced back and forth and was totally entertained.  In the middle of it all, he wanted to watch some Mighty Machines shows on Netflix.  He didn't nap, but he clearly needed a little quiet time. 

After Lisa had finished her early afternoon piano lesson, she and Ashby came back over to get Brooks.  Ashby brought me a picture she had made with her fashion set - brought it along, too, so she could me how neat it was.  They couldn't stay long, as Lisa had more lessons coming after school.  It was fun having them here for a bit, though.

When everything was quiet again, I did some of the things that had been put off all day, including helping someone from the ward with a FamilySearch problem.  When Bill got home, we had to go get his van.  We just had leftovers for dinner, so I didn't do much else of great importance.  I was tired.  I love having the kids over, but it does tire me out!

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