Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 12th - Long flight! - Day 1 San Diego

We had to get up early and get on our way.  Our plane left at 8:45, but with the drive to the airport, long-term parking, shuttle over to check-in, getting through security, trek out to the gate, and a quick biscuit breakfast, it takes a good bit of time!

The plane was running a bit late for taking off, so we arrived in SD about 15 or 20 minutes past scheduled time.  It was a 4 hours 45 minute flight - a long time to just be sitting in an airplane!  Still, that is much better than having to make a change and adding a couple of hours more to the trip.

Jo Anne and Richard were there when we arrived.  They had gotten in an hour and a half earlier.  Richard and Bill went over to the Delta terminal to pick up the van they had rented at noon.  Bill and Shirley were due in on Delta about 12:30.  Jo Anne and I held down the fort at Southwest, since Gary and Carolyn were due there at 12:45.  All went well.  It was a bit of a juggling act to get all the luggage for 8 people, plus the 8 people all into the van, but we managed it.

Everyone was hungry - especially us! - so we headed on towards the condo which is north of SD in Oceanside, hoping to find a good place to eat along the way.  We eventually stopped at a very nice place and had a great meal.  By then, it was 3:00, so that served as lunch and dinner.

After eating, we went on to the condo to get checked in.  Because, they had reserved two units together, we had to wait a little while they finished the cleaning.  With spring break, they had a huge turnover and they were running behind.  Since we were not willing to take units that weren't together, we chose to just wait.  It wasn't long before we were able to get into the first of the two and within another hour or so, they were both done.  The condo is WorldMark Oceanside by Wyndam.  They are nice units, although a little smaller than most we have stayed in.  The view out our balcony is of the beach and ocean, across the street.  Very pretty.

We relaxed for a while, talking and laughing.  Eventually, we got a shopping list prepared and everyone, but me, headed out to do the grocery shopping.  I was so totally exhausted.  I actually dozed a bit while they were working.  I don't do well with time change, and three hours is a lot to really mess me up.  It may have said it was only 8:00, but my body thought it was 11 and didn't want to stay awake anymore!

When they got back, I did do most of the unloading of the groceries in our kitchen.  Most of the food is for breakfasts or snacks.  We will eat in tomorrow, Sunday, and we will also grill out one evening.  Other than that, it will be each day as it comes.

By the time all that was done, everyone was tired, so we ended our day.  The first day is always about getting settled.  We also started getting caught up on everyone.  We are looking forward to the rest of the week.  We had plenty of laughs the first day - but plenty more will come.  Plus, lots of new memories that we will have to laugh about next time!

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