Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14th - Olde Towne - Day 3 San Diego

We got up and on the road by about 9, heading south to Olde Town.  On the way, the van developed a problem with the manifold.  We were able to continue driving it, but it made a bit of noise!  While we spent our day doing what we had planned, poor Richard kept in touch, trying to get a replacement van.  Bottom line on that, we drove it back to the condos that night and they will have a replacement in the morning.

We walked around Olde Town for a bit and then caught the shuttle for a tour of the city.  It took about two hours and we really enjoyed it.  It was a great way to see a lot of the city and get the story of its history.  Our driver was entertaining, too, so that made it fun.

Back in Olde Town, we went to a Mexican place for a nice big lunch/dinner.  Then we walked over to go through the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center.  They did a very nice presentation.  They end by taking a picture and giving the visitor a copy.  We got a picture taken with all 8 of us together and it turned out pretty good!

Our last big stop was at Cold Stone ice cream, where we all indulged in some wicked ice cream creations!  Then it was back to the noisy van and back home.  After a bit of an adventure trying to find a gas station, we made it back around 8:00.  That gave us enough time for a little gathering in our condo, with plenty of laughing and story telling. 

Big day!  I think we will take it a little easier tomorrow!

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