Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 9th - St. Augustine - Day 4

What can I say - more of the same!  All good!

Ashby and I went out to the pool together, while Bill and Brooks headed to the beach, and Lisa ran out to do some errands.  Everyone had a great time. 

After lunch, everyone rested.  Lisa took the chance to spend some alone time at the beach, at least without the kids.  When everyone was awake, we took them both out to the pool again and had more fun.  They are both getting around in the water so well and love every minute of it.

For dinner, we had tacos at Joyce and Leroy's condo.  After dinner, some went for a beach walk, others sat around talking.  Some of us took the kids out to feed the fish and turtles in the pond by the condo.  It was all fun!

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