Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 6th - We Made It!

After preparing all week, we finally made it to St. Augustine.  We were up early and pulled away from the house at 7:30 to go pick up Lisa.  We had the rest of her stuff to pack into the car, plus getting the golf bags on top of the car.  All  that went well, but it took a good bit of time to get the two car seats adjusted.  Car seats are always frustrating.   From her place, we had to make a stop at the ATM and then McDonald's for some breakfast in the car.  We finally got on the road about 9:00.

The kids were incredibly good.  They kept themselves entertained.  Ashby was in the far back seat and she colored with her new markers the whole morning.  Brooks chattered and eventually watched a video.  We stopped at the Valdosta Mall about 1:00 for lunch and exercise break.  We stayed there for and hour and a half and then were on our way again.

Brooks slept a while in the afternoon and Ashby just played on her own in the back.  When we got to Jacksonville and crossed the huge bridge and causeway, the kids started getting excited.  Brooks was especially wild - pointing out every bit of water, boat, truck, and everything else he could find.

We got to the condo about 5:00.  We ordered a pizza on our way in, then unloaded the car and Bill went to pick it up.  After eating, he headed over to get the crib that some family had picked up for us.  I had all that unpacking to do!  Lisa took the kids out to the pool while I finished the unpacking.  Then I headed out to the pool.  By then Bill had gotten the crib up, eaten, and rested a little.  Then he headed out to the grocery store.  We brought the bulk of our food with us, but there is still quit a list to get - all the fresh produce, refrigerated things, and frozen things, plus a few things Lisa needed for the kids that I had not brought.

By the time he got back, we were back in and ready for bed.  As soon as I got the rest of the groceries put away, I was in the bed!

Great beginning - now the fun begins!  So glad we are here and made it without any major incidents.

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