Friday, July 19, 2013

July 18th - St. Augustine- Day 13

Time is running out!  Fortunately, today was pretty much a rerun of the rest of the week.  Once I was up and out the door, I headed to the pool, where I settled in after my morning swim.  I always stake out my favorite spot and don't move much after that!  Well, when I get too hot, I take another swim.  Otherwise, I just relax and read or eat a snack.

Eventually, Martha came out and then both of us read and relaxed.  After a long walk on the beach, Bill showed up for a bit.  Later, David and Ashby appeared.  Pretty soon Vanett showed up.  And all I do is sit there and enjoy every minute of it!

We had every one over to our condo for dinner.  We just picked up chicken and salads from Publix.  Martha wanted to cook, so she made some mashed potatoes and some mac and cheese.  Most everyone (other than me) played charades.  The kids love playing it and there was a lot of laughing.  We have several who are rather inept at trying to act out anything and it does get pretty funny.  I especially got a kick out of Brooks, who loved the laughing and would lie down and kick his legs and belly laugh.  So funny!

Only one more day left.  There was a pretty good rain shower this evening, so I hope it will be nice tomorrow.  We may have a few more clouds than we have had.  Just so everyone gets their pool/beach time tomorrow!

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